Ilkos braškių skonio krepšelis
Ilka Strawberry flavor basket

Original price was: £41,42.Current price is: £39,35.

Original price was: £41,42.Current price is: £39,35.

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Ilka Strawberry flavor basket

Ilka Strawberry flavor basket

Original price was: £41,42.Current price is: £39,35.

Whey protein 80% mixture with strawberry flavor 1kg + Natural peanut butter 250g. + Hulled hemp seeds, 150g.

By purchasing this basket, you will balance your diet, which will be enriched with strawberry-flavored proteins, in addition to natural fats, fiber and vitamins and minerals from peanut butter and cannabis seeds. Simultaneous use of strawberry-flavored whey protein will provide the body with the necessary amounts of animal protein, as well as eating peanut butter and cannabis seeds will provide the body with plant-derived protein (supplying and maintaining the body’s muscle mass), providing us with plant fat fiber (for intestinal function) and vitamins and minerals.

Whey Protein

Healthy Choice 100% Whey Protein Blend

HEALTHY CHOICE, a 100% whey protein blend , is a great source of protein with varying levels of absorption. It consists of Rapid Absorption Protein Hydrolyzate and Isolate and Medium Absorption Concentrate. Proteins with different absorption rates ensure long-term and constant absorption, relieve hunger and provide your body with all the necessary amino acids that speed up muscle recovery after a workout.

How to use HEALTHY CHOICE Protein Concentrate

Add 30 g of protein powder (inside the dispenser package) to 150-250 ml of water, skim milk, juice or any other favorite drink and shake well. Suitable for use 1-2 times a day.

Number of servings in 1kg package – 33+

Number of servings in 2kg package – 66+

HEALTHY CHOICE, a highly soluble, 100% whey protein blend , is a high-quality, low-temperature ultrafiltration and microfiltration protein with unchanged protein structure and high protein bioavailability (BV).

Peanut Butter

About HEALTHY CHOICE Peanut Butter

HEALTHY CHOICE peanut butter is the best quality vegetable protein. It is a high-quality product with great taste, made from natural raw materials, without the use of any artificial spices, flavor enhancers, fats, synthetic additives and dyes.

Made from the highest quality peanuts, which are rich in VITAMINS and MINERALS, such as Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium. Extracted by roasting peanuts along with their shells, the nuts are later crushed to give them an amazing crunchy taste, thus preserving the unchanged protein and fat structure.

The fibers ensure smooth bowel function and provide a feeling of satiety that will reduce cravings without the necessary snacks and sweets.

How to use HEALTHY CHOICE Peanut Butter

Stir before use. Oil separation is a natural phenomenon and a sign of high quality.

Eat one, use it for spreading on bread, toast, pancakes, whisk cocktails and other drinks, stir in porridge, salad, curd, yogurt or ice cream. Suitable for seasoning any food or any vegetarian diet, seasoning Thai, Chinese and other sauces. It has a strong nutty taste and is therefore suitable for baking as it can replace sugar, other fats and spices used in baking.

Get all-natural pure, high biological value proteins, fats, fiber and carbohydrates necessary for your body!

A balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

cannabis seeds

About HEALTHY CHOICE husked cannabis seeds

We process cannabis seeds only by peeling them. Only large seeds of 2.5 mm or larger are used. The seeds are machined in a rotating ceramic disk where the husks are separated from the cores and separated during the sieving process. in this way all natural elements and vital minerals are preserved.

You can read more about the benefits of cannabis seeds in this article: Cannabis Seeds: Who and Why?

How to use HEALTHY CHOICE husked cannabis seeds

Hulled hemp seed are a great source of vitamins minerals and essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and protein to your body. It is considered to be one of the most nutritious products on earth and is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and raw foodies. Moreover, this product does not cause allergies and can be consumed by people who do not tolerate lactose, gluten or sugar.

A pinch of „Healthy Choice“ hulled hemp seeds daily will give you Energy boost for the day and will enrich your food flavor. You can add it to any food any time. It goes very well with porridge, soup, salad, fruit or vegetable smoothies, granola, pastries and many more.


About HEALTHY CHOICE Protein Concentrate
Natural taste! Contains no flavors, sweeteners or colors.

Natural: Whey protein concentrate, sunflower lecithin (1%). Contains natural sugars.
Allergens: Contains milk and dairy products.


About HEALTHY CHOICE Peanut Butter
The human body benefits greatly from peanuts: it is an important source of protein, fat, carbohydrates and minerals. On average, 100 grams of product contains up to 28 g of muscle-building protein, 17 g of carbohydrates and even up to 52 g of good fats (more valuable than animal fats, as they are mainly made up of unsaturated fatty acids).

Cream: Peanuts 100%
Crispy: Peanuts 100%
Pieces: Peanuts 100%

About HEALTHY CHOICE husked cannabis seeds
Hulled hemp seeds 100 %

Ilkos braškių skonio krepšelis
Ilka Strawberry flavor basket

Original price was: £41,42.Current price is: £39,35.

Original price was: £41,42.Current price is: £39,35.